Tallinn with Children

Who would not love a train ride trough the old town?  The train leaves every 20 minutes from Kullassepa street, near the main square in the old town, Raekoja plats. The train takes a tour around the narrow streets of the old town.

Puppet theater NUKU is a fun experience for all ages groups, starting from 1 year olds. There is also a puppet museum next to the theater where puppets come alive and one can make her or his very own puppet.

Marzipan gallery introduces the history of marzipan and one can try their skills at marzipan carving.

Tallinn Zoo has enough to see for the whole day and is a nice place for a walk. In addition to Arctic animals the zoo has for example elephants. One the most popular attractions is the petting zoo where children meet for example bunnies, goats and chickens.

Other fun things for children, and why not for adults too, are for example trampoline parks and bowling. For the fearless Tallinn offers adventure parks, carting and climbing.

Tallinn is not usually the first option for a beach holiday but actually the city has several nice and clean beaches.

Tallinn has several pancake restaurants and locals enjoy sõõrikud, Estonian doughnuts.

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