Museums and Sightseeing in Tallinn

Tallinn’s most important attraction is the old town. By walking around you can dive directly to the medieval times. There are several places, especially on the Toompea hill, where a traveller can enjoy the beautiful scenery and view over the city.

The center point of the old town is Raekoja plats which is surrounded by restaurants and shops as well as Raeapteek, the oldest pharmacy in Europe that has continuously been in business in the same building. Marzipan used to be one of the most popular products of the pharmacy.

Lennusadam aka Seaplane Harbour is now a maritime museum but the Harbour, including the Seaplane Hangar, was originally built to become part of Peter the Great’s naval fortress 100 years ago. The architecture of the Hangar is remarkable, featuring the world’s first columnless thin-shell concrete domes of such volume. Lennusadam organizes program for both children and adults.

The former church of Niguliste is now the Niguliste art museum, part of the Art Museum of Estonia.  The best-known work in the museum is the Danse Macabre – Dance of Death – painted by Bernt Notke at the end of the 15th century. The painting describes procession or dance of both living and dead figures.

Tallinn TV Tower was opened for the Moscow Olympics and it played an important role when Estonia regained its independence on August 20th 1991. When the weather is clear it possible to see all the way to Finland from the tower.

Estonian Art Museum’s  second main building Kumu has art from the beginning of 18th century until today. Half of the exhibitions are Estonian art and the other half international art. Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia is located conveniently close to the boat harbor.

In Rocca al Mare is located Estonian Outdoor Museum which introduces rural architecture and landscape. Museum of Estonian History introduces the history of the country in old town in the Great Guild Hall and in Maarjamäe castle.

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