Restaurants and Cafes in Tallinn

It is not uncommon to eat breakfast in a café before going to work. Some places also serve breakfast all day long or at least late in the afternoon. Breakfast places can be found around the city.

Brunch places have finally reached Tallinn! Some of them are still quit pricey but include all sorts of treats.

Estonian’s eat lunch late in the afternoon and one can find soup lunch with couple of euros around the city. Päevapraad is for those who want to eat more than soup and komplekt usually included soup, main course and dessert. There are plenty of possibilities for vegetarians and vegans and there are also restaurants that are focusing on local and organic products. There is no shortage on fine dining places either.

In cafes locals like to enjoy various salty and sweet pastries, cakes and smoothies. Beer restaurants serve beers also from small local breweries and for friends or wine there are cozy and stylish vinoteques with wide selection available.

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