Food and Drinks in Estonia

Estonia has impacts from all compass points and that can be seen in Estonian cuisine as well.  Estonians have always appreciated food that is grown as close as possible and sometimes that has been the only option. During the poorer times creativity was needed for survival and that can be seen even today in Estonian dishes.  Both in home and restaurant kitchens Estonians use lot of berries, mushrooms, wild herbs and other treasures found from forests and home gardens.

Restaurant culture in Tallinn has taken huge steps forward during the past few years. Many chefs travel abroad to learn more and to find inspiration. As a result we see creative and original solutions from a bicycle ice cream stand to finest fine dining restaurants. There are options for every budget and taste. Because of the tough competition restaurants and coffee houses also come and go.

Small breweries have found their market in Estonia too. Small farm products are becoming more and more popular – from goat cheese to raw food and smoothies –  and they are mostly organic.

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