Cultural Life in Estonia

Estonia is full of culture and cultural events and Estonians love to attend them. It is not uncommon that locals agree to meet up for a show instead of a beer (or have both).

Compared to other Europeans Estonians are very active theatre and concert visitors. On the other hand they are that keen on attending sports events. Traditional handicrafts and dances are popular among Estonians. Estonians love to sing and are proud of their singing history.

The Estonian song and dance celebration takes place next time in June-July 2017 and is definitely worth visiting! Even if you are not into singing and dancing yourself the incredible atmosphere of the event is one in a lifetime kind of experience.

Estonian culture has a strong German influence. Estonia’s culture has been influenced by the adjacent area’s various Finnic, Baltic, Slavic and Germanic traditions. Former dominant powers Sweden and Russia have also influences the cultural development.

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