I like that there’s an esoteric shop of a fortune teller right next to a design store. From a fine dining restaurant I can continue to a close by Russian disco. At the market place there is a sweet old Russian lady selling her home garden goodies and she even has come up with a recycle system for the bottles she sells apple juice in. I like how cozy and compact Tallinn is – and how different adventures await just around the corner.

Traveling to Tallinn is like time traveling to the Medieval period or to the time of tsars or to the Soviet time. At the same time Tallinn a trendy city, full of creativity and we-can-do-it attitude. These are the elements my Tallinn is build of. Tallinn is the city of endless possibilities.

There is a lot of things to do, see and experience in Tallinn. Culture and events can be found everywhere as well as museums and other attractions. And when you have had enough food for your soul it is time to feed of your body. Tallinn is full of excellent restaurants and coffee houses for every taste and budget.  Check out also the city’s active nightlife.


In Tallinn it is easy to find accommodation for any budget. You can choose a luxurious hotel, an idyllic guest house or an affordable hostel. Moving around in Tallinn is easy and therefore one can also choose to stay a bit further away from the city centre.

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There are several large shopping centers around Tallinn. Estonian fashion designers’ products can be found from the fashion district in an old sewing factory complex. Estonia is famous for handicraft products and there are numerous small shops in the Old Town, Kalamaja and Telliskivi areas. Tallinn is a good place to utilize beauty and health services as well.


Tallinn is a great destinations for families as well. There are plenty of activities for children from all age groups: from Nuku theater’s puppet show to adventure parks, spas and water parks. Tallinn zoo can be easily reached by city bus and Sky Park is a guaranteed fun for the whole family.


Bored of Tallinn already? Estonia is such a small country that most places can be visited during a day trip. We warmly recommend you to take a little adventure and get to know Estonia outside of Tallinn. People living in other places in Estonia mock Tallinn people for constantly running around. Indeed, life outside of Tallinn is much more relaxed.

Day trips can be made by train, bus or affordable rental car.

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We wish you the best of time in Tallinn! Or head reisi as Estonians say. Come and find your favorite places and cool adventures.

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